Providing a needle-free option for acute pain management

Sedara Gas Mixer

Delivering a consistent and controlled delivery of oxygen and nitrous to provide a safe, versatile and needle-free option for acute and procedural pain management.

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Simple. Portable. Reliable.

The Sedara system delivers a balanced 50% oxygen/ 50% nitrous oxide blend, replacing the complexity and risk of titration with the safety and consistency of fixed dosing. The Sedara carts travels room to room with ease and provides a single and secure location for additional cylinders and breathing circuits. Only two connections allows for easy and quick assembly.

Safety & Security

The Sedara system utilizes an on-demand dosing system, removing the risk and waste from a forced-gas flow system. A unique built-in scavenger system removes expired gases, safeguarding against occupational and environmental exposure. A proprietary security key is required to operate the system or access the cylinders, protecting against unauthorized access and abuse.