Welcome to the Sedara Healthcare Research and Education page. Sedara Healthcare is committed to research and development to help advance the field of nitrous oxide pain management. The close integration between the patient, physician and researcher at Sedara makes it possible to bring proven diagnostic and therapeutics treatment options to market safely and efficiently. The research database below encompasses over 200 years of published research on the use of nitrous oxide in various avenues of healthcare.


pdfConscious sedation with inhaled 50% nitrous…

European Society of Anesthesiology Expert Opinion on Nitrous Oxide

pdfThe current place of nitrous oxide in clinical practice


pdfCreation of a Registered Nurse

pdfEntonox analgesia for prostatic biopsy

pdfEntonox® inhalation to reduce pain in common diagnostic and therapeutic outpatient urological procedures: a review of the evidence

pdfDrugs for Pain Management in Shock Wave Lithotripsy


pdfNitrous Oxide an Underused Boon for Pediatric EDs

pdfA Randomized Comparison of Nitrous Oxide Plus Hematoma Block Versus Ketamine Plus Midazolam for Emergency Department Forearm Fracture Reduction in Children

pdfTrial: A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Intranasal Ketamine and Fentanyl for the Relief of Moderate to Severe Pain in Children With Limb Injuries

Emergency Department

pdfNitrous oxide/oxygen compared with fentanyl in reducing pain among adults with isolated extremity trauma: A randomized trial

pdfNitrous Oxide for Early Analgesia in the Emergency Setting: A Randomized, Doubleblind Multicenter Prehospital Trial

pdfUse of Nitrous Oxide in the Emergency Department: A Review of the Literature

Labor and Delivery

pdfNitrous Oxide for Labor Analgesia

Prehospital Care

pdfManagement of a Patient’s Pain in a Prehospital System: Use of Nitrous Oxide

pdfEffectiveness of Nitrous Oxide in a Rural EMS System

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